Welcome to RICCI/WELCH, Chicagoland's premier underground utility contractor. Formerly known as Down & Dirty, Inc., RICCI/WELCH has been installing sewage systems, drainage, water distribution, and related appurtenances in Chicago and the surrounding six county area for more than twelve years. Whether performing as a general contractor or subcontractor, we focus on these areas of SERVICE:
  • ROADWORK - Highways, toll roads, interstates, airports, and local roads

  • MUNICIPAL - Upgrading sewer and water infrastructure

  • COMMERCIAL - Shopping centers, retail outlets, office centers, and industrial parks

  • RESIDENTIAL - Subdivisions

  • REPAIRS - Water main breaks, sewer failures, and tech support for municipalities

  • TRUCKING - Lowboy, flatbed, and semi-dump

When it REALLY needs to be done on time RICCI/WELCH is the clear choice. Multiple crews, extended hours, weekends, and even night work are a way of life for us.